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  • About Us

    Malaysian and Thai cuisines are an intricate web of varied cultures. Owing to its multi-cultural heritage, Malaysian cuisine is replete with contrasting flavours, textures and fragrances. The spices and ingredients you see in our menus represent a small sample of the diversity and variety found in Malaysian cuisine. From the cool sophisticated taste of Cendol to the hearty simplicity of Sotong Kang Kong, Malaysian cooking certainly has something for everyone!

  • Malaysian Cuisine

    Our Malaysian dishes are time tested amongst Alberta and B.C. diners. Our humble approach to delivering high quality Malaysian food offers excellent quality and freshness. As Malaysia celebrates many cultures, their food is just as diverse. Some of the most popular Malaysian items at Tropika include Malay Bread, Sambal Bunchies, Satays, Coconut Curry Pot, and of course, Homestyle Chicken.

  • Thai Cuisine

    Our Thai dishes feature lightly cooked vegetables and meat with authentic aromatic herbs and curries. Thai dishes are balanced with 5 flavors; spicy, sour, sweet, salty and bitter. Some of the most popular Thai Dishes at Tropika include our Tom Yum Soups, Thai Style Green Curry Chicken, and any of the Thai style vegetable dishes. Pad thai is by far the most popular Thai dish we offer at Tropika.

  • Chef David Lau

    Chef David has been creating masterful Malaysian and Thai dishes in Alberta since we opened in 1996. David's specialties include the delicious marinated and broiled Satay Skewers. Don't forget the Roti Canai Bread as a tasty complement to the Satays. Chef's other specialties include our marinated and twice fried "Homestyle Chicken" and the delicious Sayur Lemak Hot Pot.